Reptilian Reflections

One of the best perks of running a makerspace is the never-ending inspiration we feel from seeing our members’ creativity come out.

During our Fab + Friends holiday party, we asked our guests to write down the thing they made in 2018 that they were most proud of. Everyone picked up a paper lizard (nothing like impersonating a wall lizard to feel creative!), reflected, and over the course of the evening assembled a wall piece modeled after Escher’s lizard tessellations. A living memory was formed!


So what did this community make in 2018?

Halloween stickers
A patio garden with roommates
An El Salvador keychain
A picture book (Gusto&Gecko)
A laser-etched reusable water bottle
United with families
A dinosaur puzzle
My halloween costume
Lots of yummy food for CIC members and friends!
Poster with origami papers
Design Museum membership cards
My own wedding invitations
A cute ‘lil’ big grown elephant
The goblin cube: laser cut cardboard, LED strips, circuit playground express
My friend’s wedding invitations on a vintage letter press
Floating phone cases
Kombucha art
I laser-etched my poem “LBJ” with illustrations
Coffee grounds for biomaterials
An apron for my daughter’s boyfriend
An acrylic violin
Code PC0707Y..
A sweater and a cover plan – the sweater turned out better?
A trinity knot pendant
My own wooden bear puzzle
Christmas card spinner game

We can’t wait to see what our community makes in 2019!