Note From the Founder: Mourning Atlanta

To our CIC communities: 

In light of the recent shootings in Atlanta, we wish to express our condolences, outrage, and solidarity with the communities impacted by these tragic acts of violence. 

We recognize that the incidents of the past week have been felt widely and deeply by many, including our own staff, clients, and neighbors. As an organization dedicated to community-building and positive social impact through innovation, we feel it is our responsibility to address hate and systems of oppression that lead to violence and inequity. 

Acts of violence towards categories of people because of who they represent are abhorrent. They have no place in our society. Just as we have witnessed unacceptable brutality against Black people and other communities of color in the United States, we have recently seen an increase in violence targeted at the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. This uptick in anti-AAPI incidents has also shone a light on the decades-long history of racism, sexism, and xenophobia that fuel such acts of violence, a history that has often gone under-acknowledged. 

It is our aim to make CIC a place where everyone feels valued, safe, and supported. We would not be the CIC that we are without the diversity of identities, cultures, and lived experiences in our community. And it is our intention that CIC, as an institution and as individuals, be a force for positive change and growth. 

In this painful moment, some people have felt the urge to act; below are some resources that may be helpful. 

  • Hollaback!, a global initiative to end harassment, provides free articles and training resources. If you are interested in a short, practical primer you can read in a few minutes detailing how you can help, you can find that here. If more extensive training on bystander intervention against harassment interests you, you can find resources here.

  • PBS’s Asian Americans is a five-part documentary series on the history of Asians in America.

  • #AsianAmCovidStories is a YouTube documentary series exploring Asian Americans’ experiences and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Asian American news platform NextShark has compiled this list of active crowdfund campaigns for the shooting victims’ loved ones.

  • Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthrophy (AAPIP) has compiled a list of resources to combat increased anti-Asian violence in the wake of COVID-19.

  • The Asian American Commission, Commonwealth of Massachusetts offers a wide range of resources for resisting anti-Asian racism.

Over the course of drafting this note, we also learned of a terrible shooting in Boulder, Colorado. We join President Biden’s call for those with the power to enact stronger gun controls to do so.

Tim Rowe

Founder and CEO

CIC & CIC Health