cic aesthetic

CIC's visuals should be vibrant and professional. Large beautiful photos are prominent.


CIC Orange (#FF7900) should be used strategically. It often works best as an accent, with greys or white doing much of the heavy lifting.


Main headers should be set in Montserrat Bold. Subheadings are set in all caps with generous spacing. Body copy should be Montserrat Regular, Montserrat Light, or Proxima Nova Regular.

CIC's classic logo is set in Museo Bold (but we do not use Museo for other text).

CIC Rotterdam's logo is set in Montserrat Bold.


Examples (click to enlarge)



As our primary graphic symbol, the CIC logo must appear on all communications, including websites, print publications, stationery, and signage. 

Treat the logo as a logo

Our logo is a graphic element, not text, and should not be used in place of the letters “CIC” in text. Please also refrain from using Museo Bold in other contexts.

Make the logo visible

Although it might be legible at a smaller size, the logo will lose definition and impact if it’s reproduced any smaller than the sizes provided on our logo downloads page.

Exception to the rule

The CIC logo may occasionally be used as part of a logo for an initiative. These instances are subject to approval by the Marketing Team.