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3d scanner
Skanect Pro + Kinect

This hardware/software package combines IR depth-finding with RGB imaging to generate complex 3D models of real-world objects. Models can be exported as skins for Unity rigidbodies, or .objs/.stl files for a 3D scan-to-print workflow.

Cameras: 2x IR depth-finding cameras, 1x RGB camera (all at 640x480, 30Hz)
Processing: "Fusion" reconstructive algorithm, watertight mesh generator, color mapping.
Outputs: .skn, .obj, .stl files.

Usage Recommendations: Bring a friend (or two), and book 1-2 hours to ensure a thorough 360° capture of your object, objects, or person. Selfies encouraged!

Training Guides & Tutorials:
Skanect Pro Training Guide