Jamie Hovis - Events


As a part of CIC Events, what do you do? What does your workday look like?

As a CIC Events staffer, my typical day starts mid-afternoon. Unlike the rest of my teammates, I'm part-time and work past the end of the business day until 7:30 pm most days. This flexible schedule is great for me since it allows me to work at my writing and my other gig as the editor of a local literary magazine. Most of my days include setting up our event spaces, which means arranging the furniture to suit the event host's needs, testing AV equipment, and giving folks quick impromptu lessons on how our spaces work. The rest of my time is spent providing advice on our spaces to prospective hosts, managing the Events team's online presence and promoting our events, and working on various projects to improve our spaces and streamline our team's workflow. If I'm staffing an evening event, I'm often the last CIC staff member to leave at night, so I've enjoyed getting to know our clients who like to work in the wee hours, developing a hyena-like bond over scavenging through leftover event catering.

What kind of technical challenges do you and your team face?

The biggest technical challenges that the Events team typically faces usually result from last-minute changes to the programming, spaces, or schedules of events. Because the process of planning an event at CIC can be quite different from the normal routine of our clients, and because assembly laws, liquor licenses and certificates of insurance all limit the flexibility of our space, there is a lot to think about. The coordinators on our team are constantly working to make sure that every piece is in place. Since I'm a staffer, I benefit directly from my team's hard work in advance of events. However, unforeseen problems can always arise. If there's been a miscommunication we don't find out about until event day, my biggest challenge is finding a solution to in the moment problems to keep our hosts and clients happy and safe.