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Fighting Through the Fear: Emotional Wellness for Creatives

Fighting Through the Fear: Emotional Wellness for Creatives

Ever held yourself back from pursuing your creative passion out of fear that your work wouldn’t resonate with an audience? Maintaining a solid emotional foundation is key to getting past imposter syndrome and recognizing that the work you make is valuable no matter who it reaches or how its received.

In this guided meditation and emotional wellness discussion, our leaders will help get through your creator’s block, channel your confidence and tame your need for external validation. You’ll gain insight into how you can push past the normal ebbs and flow of your creativity, and create a template for dealing with the ongoing struggle of living a creative life.


This workship will be lead by Suzanne Jewell, the founder of The Mindful Entrepreneur and host of the brand new Jolt Radio program, Mindful Mornings Miamiwhich airs on the 2nd & 4th Friday of each month at 10am. Suzanne explores what it means to actually be mindful both on the cushion and in life. 

A Q&A with Designer & Fashion Entrepreneur Ema Koja, the founder of Ema Savahl as she takes us through the journey of building an all-female, hand-made, high-end design company known as "art as fashion". Learn about how her practices of creativity through spiritual inspiration have influenced her 22 year journey from working at a vintage store to building her own Miami-made brand.

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