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UNICEF Unite Meet Up

UNICEF Fall Meet & Greet  
Hosted by UNICEF USA for Volunteers, Supporters, High School and Campus Clubs in the Miami-area 


You are invited to join UNICEF USA for a Fall Meet & Greet. This will be an in-person opportunity to network, resource share, and meet other volunteers and students from the Miami area involved with UNICEF.  

Come & share the highlights, insights and challenges of your UNICEF experience and learn from others. Get ready to take back tons of new ideas and resources to your club, school and community! 

We will be focusing on enhancing our skills as community organizers on behalf of the world's most vulnerable children. 

New to UNICEF? Bring a friend or two & learn how you can magnify your impact as a community organizer! 


Food and drinks will be provided. 

RSVP for a headcount and dietary restrictions. 

If you are bringing a friend, please make sure they register. 

Dress code is casual. 

Later Event: September 29
Next'18 Extended Miami