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Leaders in smart tech & building industry speak out in CIC

Prior to Venture Café on 12 October leaders in the league of residential building industry working on digitalisation, share their message to CEO’s of building companies and housing associations about the chances and the needs of smart tech to dramatically improve the sector. 

Check out the incredible line-up at www.nextco-motion.nl.

To give you a taste of the goodness: 

CyBe Constructions 3D concrete printer is producing buildings in Dubai and is now entering the residential industry. 

Aeroscan uses drones for deriving building data without bothering residents.

Vericons application of the VR Hololens provides both the end-user for future realization, as constructors to prevent errors during the proces.

Voorbij produces prefab facades for up to 5 houses a day (!) using robots.

White Lioness technologies developed software for combining end-user preferences, logistics and assembly.

Claudia Laumans, managing director at the CIC-based Building Transition: “A small group is pioneering in construction innovation and foresees smart tech in residential construction developing in grand measures. Digitalisation is re-energising this traditional building industry completely!”

Buy your ticket at www.nextco-motion.nl and join this incredible crowd in Venture Café as of 18.15 hrs



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Women in STEAM

We are happy to invite you to Deloitte’s  6th edition of Women in STEAM, the community event for women that are choosing jobs or education in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM).

This time we would like to inspire you around the topic of arts and technology in the Cambridge Innovation Center in Rotterdam. We will discuss questions like: What is the influence of technology on arts? Is technology strengthening (digital) art? And what new things can we do with arts regarding the developments of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence?

Interested in joining? Sign up here

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