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Open Source Entrepreneur Meetup: Let's Talk About Open Source Business

  • CIC Cambridge, Venture Cafe 1 Broadway, 5th floor Cambridge, MA, 02142 United States (map)

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I'll be presenting my talk on open source product development in a multi-platform world, looking at product development from a supply chain perspective. 

In olden times, when we used IRC and liked it, there were several steps along the way from creating an open source project to releasing a product. Some of these were artifacts of the (lack of) tooling of the time, such as the need to assemble pieces into a whole before releasing as a product. That "first cut" of distribution became a community project in itself. Now that we have better, automated tooling for development, you may be fooled into believing that this "first cut" step is no longer needed. Au Contraire! John Mark will demonstrate why this is still necessary with examples from Fedora, CloudFoundry and Moby. 

This will help you determine your community building strategy as it relates to product management and engineering. As I'll demonstrate, these things are all inter-related.