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5 Biggest Challenges of Connected Device Development

  • CIC Cambridge 101 Main Street, 15th floor Cambridge, MA 02142 (map)

5 Biggest Challenges of Connected Device Development

With the pervasiveness of connected tech, medical device developers must design to meet user requirements and regulatory standards, while making sure the device is maintained to avoid vulnerabilities post launch. In this presentation, attendees will learn five key challenges, and solutions associated with development of connected medical devices. Topics that will be covered are: 

  • Interoperability challenges and considerations; which platform to use for your product

  • Evaluating trade-offs between product cost, size, feature set, and development cost, (ie., battery life vs. usability)

  • Identifying the requirements that apply to your product (Bluetooth 5.0 Core)

  • Designing, implementing, and testing to meet regulatory standards

  • Post launch support and maintenance (cybersecurity, technology, iOS updates)

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