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Boston C++ Meetup

  • CIC Cambridge, Cloud City, 14th floor 101 Main Street Cambridge, MA, 02142 United States (map)

Let's get together, introduce ourselves, and learn about <type_traits>, and how it's used in Template Meta-Programming (TMP)!

We will be hosted by CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center), a shared-workspace focusing on the start-up community, at their 101 Main St. location in Kendall Square. We will be on the 14th floor, in 'Cloud City'.

I will order food for this meetup. Please consider donating money, using the 'Chip in (' button on the webpage.

• 6:40 Charles Wilcox (Organizer) Group introduction, and plan next event(s) (15 min)
• — break for food —
• 7:00 Joe Jevnik (Quantopian): "Template Meta-Programming (TMP) with <type_traits>" (45-60 min)
• 8:00 Head out for food and drinks!