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Introduction to Cloud Firestore with Google Developer Expert Juan Herrera

  • Havana, 5th floor, CIC Cambridge One Broadway Cambridge, MA 02142 (map)

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Join us for an evening with GDE Juan Herrera who leading a talk and a hands-on workshop on how to use Cloud Firestore with your web applications.

Firestore is new real-time sync NoSQL database from Google Cloud. Learn more about Firestore here:

Title: Firestore and Angular: Prototyping your app in no time
Description: Implement your next business idea in record time with Firestore, the new Firebase real-time database that combines the best of performance and good practices

In this talk, we will build a real-time chat through live coding with Angular, AngularFire and Firestore. Step by step I'll demonstrate how the gap between the data layer and application is closed, boosting our productivity like never before.

Among the topics we are going to touch base on are:
Asynchronous Pipes
Offline capabilities
Non-SQL databases

After Juan's talk, we will have a hands-on workshop which will integrate Firestore into a VanillaJS web application. If you have javascript experience, you would be able to follow along.