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How Decentralized Finance Can Transform Financial Services

  • CIC - Cambridge One Broadway, Venture Cafe, 5th floor Cambridge, MA 02142 (map)

The global financial system as we know it is quite inefficient. Millions around the world cannot access basic financial services due to barriers such as where they live, their legal or citizenship status, or how much money they have. Also, cyber attacks put us all at risk of exploitation of data and financial loss. How can blockchain help create a better system that is secure, transparent and accessible?

Enter DeFi! DeFi- short for decentralized finance- is a new decentralized financial system that is built on a public blockchain like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

As one of foremost financial and research centers in the world, Boston has a lot of smart people dedicated to working in the DeFi space. Come learn from a panel of local experts about how DeFi could transform the traditional financial system and the world. Then hear pitches by some DeFi startups trying to do just this.

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