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Digital Therapeutics and the Future of Medicine

  • CIC Cambridge - Mosaic, 3rd floor 245 Main Street Cambridge, MA 02142 (map)

In today’s world, we see hundreds of health and wellness applications popping up to try and gain our attention as consumers. Is it any wonder that there is a lack of trust when something is called a “digital therapeutic” or “digital medicine”? Are these applications just hype? Or can they provide real therapeutic benefit at a fraction of the price of other treatments?

A “digital medicine” is an intervention based on software as the key ingredient which has a direct impact on disease. They have been evaluated in clinical trials for efficacy and safety and have often been the subject of multiple peer reviewed journal articles. Even though the field is very young, treatments are starting to be approved by regulatory agencies around the world.

Despite the growing attractiveness to the everyday consumer, there are significant challenges in the way to success for these solutions. In this session, experts will cover the opportunities and challenges of digital medicines from a variety of perspectives.

Key Topics include:

·     Digital therapeutics business models

·     FDA approval process

·     Early successes and future areas of application

·     Fundraising  

·     Large industry and payor perspectives

·     Will digital medicines be able to deliver value?

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