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QuantUniversity Meetup

  • Anchor, 1st floor, CIC Boston 50 Milk Street Boston, MA, 02109 (map)

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Upskilling the 21st century Financial Professional : A open-mic discussion
At a conference in New York two weeks ago, a 40 something analyst from a large financial organization asked me if I could share tips on what tools to learn to be proficient with AI and machine learning
Financial professionals are challenged with new innovations and products on a daily basis. On the one hand, we had various technologies like AI and Machine Learning causing a tectonic shift in how business is done. On the other hand, we have fintech innovations in equities, payments, insurance, blockchain which are demanding financial professionals to look beyond traditional asset classes and financial products.

As we gear towards our next decade of our careers, what should financial professionals focus on? Questions include:
• Do you start (yet another) certification?
• Do you go to an online (cheap, low commitment, readily available) MOOC on edx, Coursera or Udacity?
• Do you pick up a new book? (Plenty available)
• Do you learn a new language? (Python/R/Julia/Startrek*)

These are questions every financial professional needs to deal with!

Join us August 13 at 5.30 pm to have an open discussion on the challenges faced by financial professional today in upskilling and keeping up with trends and innovation and how to build a career roadmap incorporating learning as a part of your journey. We will share 10 tips to help you strategize that would help you decide your roadmap without rushing towards the next rat-race!

* I made that one up..

This is a group for anyone interested in quantitative analysis, data science, big data and optimization. We take a practitioner's approach to education and plan to host workshops to discuss trends, best practices and case studies in analytics.