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Boston Unity Group (B.U.G.) Meetup: No Rage Quit

  • CIC Cambridge - Venture Cafe, 5th floor 1 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02142 (map)

No Rage Quit: Games That Help Kids with Behavior Challenges 

Mightier is a game platform with a bioresponsive mechanic that helps kids build their emotional regulation. Mightier builds gameplay around a player’s emotional response to a challenge. This helps kids recognize how their bodies feel under pressure. It also lets them practice coping the same way Mario Kart lets them practice sliding around a corner. More importantly, it works. As a game platform, Mightier doesn’t develop games. We work with game developers of titles like Race the Sun, You Must Build a Boat, and Mini Metro. We build in our emotional learning mechanics. And we sandbox it in with dozens of games. This talk will touch on how Mightier works, how and why we work with dozens of games, and the nitty-gritty details of a huge Unity project.

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