CIC Providence Referral Program

Do you love working at CIC?

Get rewarded for it by referring a company to our newest site, CIC Providence!

CIC is excited to announce the opening of our Providence location in August 2019. The first few months provide a special opportunity to activate CIC's newest site, and we want to reward your community expertise to help us do that. Here are the details on our CIC Providence Referral Program:

  • The referral credit amounts to the value of one month of CIC Providence membership, credited to the referrer’s CIC invoice after the referred client has been with CIC Providence for 90 days.

  • The CIC Providence Referral Program is only valid for CIC Massachusetts clients referring new Providence members, and excludes any other current (or future) CIC locations, until mentioned otherwise.

  • The CIC Providence Referral Program is valid for current CIC clients only.

  • A prospective Providence client must indicate your company and/or a specific person currently active within the company based at CIC as a referrer in writing (via email or contact form) at the first contact with CIC.

  • The CIC referral credit can only be used as a credit on your current fees or credit towards future fees and will not be paid out in cash or any other way.

  • The CIC Providence Referral Program does not work retroactively. A prospective client must have stated you as a referrer prior to signing the contract.

  • If the prospective client was already in contact with CIC before the introduction was made by the referrer, no referral credit will be paid out.

  • CIC reserves the right to deny a referral credit.

  • CIC will be running the referral program from July 22 through December 2019. However, CIC also reserves the right to end the program at its discretion.

Any additional questions?

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