Our meditation offerings are available for all our CIC and Impact Hub members.



  • WHEN: Thursdays, 11:30am–12:00pm

  • WHERE: One Broadway, Somerville Conference Room, 14th floor

  • PAYMENT: Free

  • INSTRUCTOR: Impact Hub Boston member Shree Ramachandran



Guided Meditation:

  • WHEN: Tuesdays, 3-3:30pm

  • WHERE: 50 Milk St, Pollock Conference Room, 14th floor

  • SIGN-UP: No advance sign-up required. Just come on by and join in!

  • PAYMENT: Free

  • INSTRUCTOR: Impact Hub Boston member Shree Ramachandran



Meditation helps you focus and be creative while reducing stress and improving your emotional intelligence. It is a growing trend, and many leading companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter already have meditation and mindfulness programs. At CIC, we are growing a community of like-minded innovators who seek balance and well-being through meditation practices.
We are changing the world, from the inside out!

Dhanashree (Shree) Ramachandran is a certified Art of Living instructor. She has taught yoga, meditation and Kriya to hundreds of adults and children in India and the US. Dhanashree has been instrumental in raising awareness of meditation practices among masses and at prestigious institutions like the World Bank, Washington D.C., MIT, Executive Department of Families and Health, Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts State House. She serves as a meditation expert on boards of many non-profits in India and the US. 

Growing up in a family of social and spiritual leaders in southwest India, Dhanashree developed interest in meditation, yoga and chanting at a very young age. Over the years she has received training from acknowledged yogis and teachers like Shankaracharya and Sri Sri Ravishankar. She also shares an intimate connection with Assisi of Rochester, NY. An ardent reader, Dhanashree has special interest in philosophy, art and yogic literature. Dhanashree is the Founder and CEO of Nous Lab- a video games design studio that is committed to develop positive content for all-round growth of gamers of all ages. Her students have regularly reported being benefitted from her creative teaching style, enthusiastic outlook on yogic practices and depth of knowledge. She enjoys acting, cooking and writing in her free time.