CIC Worldwide Community,

Echoing the voices of many others in the innovation community, I wanted to share that we at CIC are, and have always been, supportive of international immigration for honest and law-abiding individuals.  We have both a moral obligation to help others in need, and a simple, personal benefit to our countries when we are more diverse.

In particular, in our field of innovation, every company operates and competes in a global marketplace.  No innovation company these days can be successful looking for customers and markets in only one country.  Likewise, for these companies to be successful, they must be diverse and international in their workforce and outlook.  We believe the policy directions taken in Washington go against the national self-interest of our country, and the interest of innovative companies everywhere.  From the American perspective, the fact that we have always been a melting pot of all cultures goes a long way to explain our success in the world to date.

The world’s economy and the supporting technologies are changing rapidly.  For instance, analysts predict that from the robotics transformation alone, some 400 million of today’s jobs worldwide will be handled by machines in the future.  For every country to adapt to this transition, we must stay on the forefront of innovation.  To do this, we need to continue to welcome talent from around the world to our shores.

– Tim Rowe, Founder & CEO

From CIC Innovation