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“Techno-Vernacular Creativity” – Q&A with Fab Foundation’s Nettrice Gaskins

Posted on Updated on June 1, 2018

In recent months, Nettrice Gaskins has been practicing her brilliant artistic techniques at Fab@CIC. We’ve enjoyed watching her convert her algorithmic photography into laser-etched woodblock prints, and even model 3D molds from the same designs. In addition to her career as an artist, she’s also the Program Manager for the Fab Foundation’s SCOPES-DF program! Nettrice has filled our fab lab with creative inspiration, and we wanted to pick her brain about her many STEAM projects.

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DIY Braces in a Coffee Shop

Posted on Updated on March 8, 2018

By his own admission, Ryan Weiss’s teeth “needed some work.” But braces and retainers — especially the no-show Invisalign variety popular with adults — are expensive, running more than $5,000. Ouch.

Then Weiss read a now-viral blog post that would change his outlook — and his smile. The post, written in April 2016, outlined a way mere mortals can design and print their own invisible braces using a 3D printer, promising to help readers “save money, make yourself happier, and stick it to the dental appliance industry, all in one shot.”

When Weiss began a new job that gave him access to Fab@CIC’s 3D printers, he began to build his own set of “Invisalign” retainers. Here’s how he did it.

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