Brianna Tobias - Events


Use three words to describe yourself.

Quick-thinking | Passionate | Big Thinker

What excites you most about CIC?

The day-to-day excitement! I get to work with new people and float between [multiple] buildings each day. The mobility provides an awesome campus-feel.

How does working at CIC differ from other jobs you've had?

My colleagues are all so creative and quick-thinking and that's true across sites. The space itself inspires and that energy transfers effortlessly into conversation. Also, regularly video chatting with colleagues around the world truly makes CIC a global network.

What is your favorite hobby/what do you like to do in your free time?

My favorite hobby is writing! I've been working on a series of anecdotes from my childhood for about two years now. It's funny and sad and enlightening and completely therapeutic!

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

For two summers in a row, I carried a life-size inflatable flamingo named Floyd Pink around my college campus. For an hour every Wednesday, I made and handed out snow cones and took pictures of summer residents with their treats alongside the 6ft flamingo in a t-shirt. Definitely the weirdest job I've ever had but I wouldn't be surprised if I spent a day doing something very similar here at CIC!

Tell us about a fulfilling or exciting special project that you worked on this year.

I've been working to onboard a local bartending startup as the premier alcohol-provider for our events. It's been great working locally and having the opportunity to build up both CIC Events and this fresh entrepreneurial venture. I'm diving head first into the insurance and liquor liability abyss but I have a great team helping to smooth out the ruffles and ready to answer any & all questions.

What's the most meaningful thing you've done to help a CIC client?

Events are truly a 24/7 gig so being on-call all hours of the day makes the event host's experience much smoother. Some things can be resolved over the phone but I recently had to switch out of my lazy Sunday pjs and throw on my facilities hat to help a host on-site. Even outside of your typical 9a-5p there are opportunities to connect and collaborate with creative and excited hosts.