CIC Shaping Life Sciences, Social Impact and Tech in Miami Since 2016: Read the Launch + Growth Impact Report!

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Direction for a thriving, inclusive, innovative Miami.

If you have ever stepped into CIC Miami, we hope you can immediately feel the dynamic, vibrant, artistic spirit that energizes our office space. You may have also come across one of our mottos (probably in a large, bright neon sign): “Make no small plans.” It is peppered around our floors, in part so that our clients and visitors are inspired by its repetition, but also as a reminder to our own team of the vision and intent for this project, CIC Miami.

Given this, we want to celebrate that we have made no small plans since 2016. It is with great pleasure and pride to announce that CIC Miami’s 2016-2018 “Launch + Growth” Impact Report is out! (Here is a press release, if you’re curious.) In a span of two years, CIC Miami and its community of innovators and creators have helped shape the way Miami does business. We’ve expanded beyond the traditional tourism and real estate initiatives that branded the home of South Beach and have made leaps in the life sciences, education, policy, resilience, impact, and technology sectors.

We became home to South Florida’s first and only shared wet laboratory. Together, our clients have raised $162.6M+ in funds. They generated 900+ local and global jobs. Our community is 28% female-founded, 37% minority-founded and 27% immigrant-founded. This isn’t just a milestone for CIC Miami; this is a thank you to our many clients and partners for being a part of the journey and being hellbent on changing our world for the better. Together, we represent the new direction for a thriving, inclusive, innovative Miami.


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In our eyes, the defining theme of maturation – as an individual, a community, a milieu, an industry – is marked by synergy, holistic thinking and the ability to converge around shared goals, to rise around one singular objective while espousing complexity, contradiction and collaboration. 

The issues at stake across most cities—reversing the brain drain, training talent, scaling enterprises, ensuring sustainability despite environmental threats, increasing civic engagement, puzzling over transit and housing solutions, facing equity and inclusion challenges—are as diverse as they are entangled. Not a single actor among us—not the most brilliant inventor, revolutionary leader, nor Beyoncé—can fundamentally tackle any of these alone; our only opportunity to affect meaningful progress is to synergize and build solutions that are cross-institutional and cross-interest. The public sector, philanthropic initiatives, private sector and individual priorities have varied and distinct stakeholders; however, they also connect, support, and augment each other. By building together, we are then able to adequately rise to the challenge of creating the next chapter for our institutions, our cities and our countries.

Collision theory, change theory, social capital theory — much research has documented the need for strong, aligned bonds in order to drive communities forward. In this context, our work at CIC Miami since we launched in 2016 has fundamentally been that of a convener and a connector. Falling under CIC’s to empower entrepreneurs who help fix the world’s problems, we aim mission to be a center of gravity—a place that actively creates the kinds of intersections and dynamic nodes that will help stakeholders across Miami, the U.S. and Latin America, find common ground, engage meaningfully, and ultimately collaborate.

These have been the underpinning objectives behind every strategy, project, and principle you will see outlined in the pages that follow, and we firmly believe that our impact thus far has been due to the fact that our goals are intricately joined with the city’s appetite for maturity and the region’s hunger for connectivity.

Our focus has been, since the start, to break down silos, build porous walls, redefine inclusive innovation, and always lead by supporting co-leadership with other stakeholders. Our intent has been to create a community, not an institution, and engender an inclusive ecosystem, not just build a company. To our clients, you have been an integral part of this journey, and we cannot thank you enough for jumping on our bandwagon and coming along for the ride. To all of our partners, thank you for being willing to build jointly and collaboratively. We are so excited to share the story of our last two years with all of you, because this story also belongs to you. 

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