Sweet New Perks at CIC!

Our clients don’t choose for CIC just because they need ‘an office’. In fact, the four walls around them may be the least important reason why the decide to locate with us. So what is it they look for then? What has driven CICers to change their address to Stationsplein 45?

Starting or growing a business takes a lot of time and effort. Those 80 hour workweeks may become more of a rule than an exception, and it’s easy to lose yourself in them. Also, as a growing company, you need to be able to recruit the best talent to help you grow. What health and wellness or travel perks can you offer to top talent, to compete with other companies to hire the best people?

That’s where CIC comes in.

First of all: surround yourself with positive people. The CIC community has proven to be a solid base not only for business partnerships but also friendships, hiring, trusted service providers, potential investors, and more.

Secondly: don’t spend time on things that won’t contribute to your business. Broken printers and empty kitchens are a pain. Setting up your own weekly yoga sessions for your team, or providing healthy snacks can be expensive and time consuming. We’re here to take care of all of this for you.

And last but definitely not least: don’t forget to enjoy life! CIC has great offices and facilities indeed, but that’s not where it ends:

  • Feeling a little tense? Our masseuse is here on Thursdays to help you relax, and we offer in-office yoga once a week.
  • Need to shake off a hard day’s work, but also meet some new people? Join us for a refreshment at the Venture Café.
  • Too busy to pack your lunch? That’s okay, we have lunch vendors coming in.
  • Up for a little competition? Challenge your neighbor for a ping-pong match in the gameroom.
  • Keen to meet new people? Our community team throws awesome themed lunches.
  • Can’t stay away from the snacks in our kitchen? Your CIC membership includes a FitForFree membership. And no need to bring a towel or shower gel. CICs shower rooms are fully equipped.
  • Need to get to an appointment fast? We’re right on top of Central Station, but if you need to be more flexible, there is a shared car waiting for you downstairs.

Like we said: you focus on your company, we’ll take care of rest.

Want to see it to believe it? Reach out to us via space@cicrotterdam.com for a trial and experience CIC for yourself.

General Rotterdam