Deep Breath: Revolutionizing ICU Care with AI


An interview with Daria Kozlova, Co-Founder at Deep Breath.

Deep Breath is a pioneering force in critical healthcare, driven by its innovative AI-based decision support system for optimizing mechanical lung ventilation in the intensive care units (ICU). Deep Breath was born from a deep understanding of the challenges faced by clinicians in interpreting vast amounts of data generated by mechanical lung ventilators. As patients arrive in ICUs, often unconscious and reliant on mechanical ventilation, clinicians must make critical treatment decisions amidst time pressure and complex data interpretation.

“Deep Breath is a monitoring and decision support system for clinicians in intensive care units, aimed at enabling data-driven treatment decisions for each patient. We started in 2020, with a core team experienced in machine learning and a desire to apply it to improve healthcare outcomes.”

Deep Breath targets respiratory physicians and researchers, offering tailored modules for real-time clinical decision support and retrospective data analysis. By streamlining data processing tasks, Deep Breath enhances efficiency and productivity for both groups, ultimately improving patient care and research outcomes.

“In the high-stakes environment of the ICU, where decisions often mean the difference between life and death, speed and efficiency are paramount.”

The system’s rapid data processing capabilities as well as user-friendly interface set it apart in the AI-based decision support landscape. Prioritizing user experience, Deep Breath ensures seamless integration into clinicians’ workflow, addressing common adoption barriers seen in healthcare.

The highlight of 2023 was Deep Breath’s successful relocation and incorporation in the Netherlands, marking a significant milestone in their expansion plans. Engaging with hospitals and receiving positive feedback reinforced their confidence in the local ecosystem.

“Our main goal for 2024 is to validate our algorithms. We are currently focused on this crucial stage of validation, which will pave the way for further approvals and advancements.”

Their vision extends globally, with a focus on the US market to impact healthcare decision-making and outcomes. Innovation like Deep Breath has the potential to transform healthcare by enhancing patient care, reducing medical resource shortages, and making healthcare more accessible and affordable worldwide. Through their dedication and innovation, Deep Breath pioneers a new era in ICU care, driven by data and empowered by AI.

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