MoreApp: Digitizing Workflows, Empowering Industries

An interview with Thom Bokelaar, CEO at MoreApp.

MoreApp, a SaaS company, spearheads digital transformation by streamlining operations and reducing paper usage for companies globally. Rooted in the vision of optimizing workflows, MoreApp caters to diverse industries, facilitating a seamless transition to digital processes.

The inception of MoreApp stemmed from a pivotal challenge faced by the founder’s father—a need for offline, configurable apps within greenhouses. It required configurable forms that could integrate with the ERP system, however when data needed to be transferred to the ERP, they had to manually retype and organize the photos, leading to significant time and paper wastage. 

This dilemma sparked the idea for an offline, configurable App that seamlessly integrated with existing systems. Hence, MoreApp was launched, initially catering to the agriculture sector. However, recognizing the potential for broader impact, MoreApp expanded its scope to field service operations across industries such as construction, installation, facility services, security, automotive, healthcare and more. 

“Traditionally, managing paperwork involves collecting, signing, and returning documents—quite an inefficient process. With MoreApp, we digitize and automate these tasks, helping users save time and transportation costs.”

MoreApp’s journey has been marked by evolving challenges—from refining software quality to navigating cultural and legal complexities as they expanded globally. Balancing innovation with stability, MoreApp prioritizes user feedback and sustainability, fostering continuous growth and improvement.

Despite evolving challenges, they had huge success in 2023, launching the new App with 2,000 customers and 30,000 users. 

“Releasing a completely standalone product is easier than one used daily or every minute, presenting a significant challenge. It required a lot of upfront work and updating for so many users without losing information. However, it was successful, and we’re incredibly proud of our team for achieving this milestone.”

Operating without external funding, MoreApp emphasizes sustainable growth, focusing on positive cash flow, and reinvesting profits to enhance products and expand their team. By listening to customers and investing in local markets, MoreApp sustains steady annual revenue growth, laying a solid foundation for future expansion.

Beyond business success, MoreApp is committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. By reducing paper usage and optimizing transportation, MoreApp contributes to environmental conservation while actively supporting global initiatives. Pursuing B Corp certification underscores MoreApp’s dedication to making a positive impact on society and the planet.

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