4 Virtual Events to Improve Your Presentation Skills During COVID-19

When’s the last time someone said, “Good communicators need not apply?” 

Probably never. 

Communication is a highly sought-after skill across industries because it allows us to connect with one another and to actualize our ideas. 


From a startup founder pitching investors to an employee advocating for a proposed budget, presentation skills help professionals be effective at work. You want to be able to present information in a clear, concise, and compelling manner — and doing so with confidence helps others believe in your perspective and champion your vision. 

So how do you get those communication skills in tip-top shape? By practicing them! And, getting tips from experts can help you hone your chops even further. 

You might be thinking, “Practice my presentation skills? Now? During a pandemic?” 

It may seem like presentation opportunities are limited while social distancing guidelines are in effect. But just because work and events have gone remote doesn’t mean you can’t maintain (let alone improve) those crucial communication skills. 

Even now, markets are still highly competitive. So when it comes to landing investors, partners, or other business opportunities, you’ll want to do all you can to stand out from the pack. 

Meanwhile, many companies are operating with leaner teams or budgets to weather the impacts of COVID-19. That means now is the time to be as effective as possible at work. 

Practicing and improving your presentation skills will help you do just that. 

Below, we’ve assembled a select few opportunities to flex your presentation skills through CIC’s virtual event programming, each focusing on a distinct aspect of presenting: public speaking, pitching, and storytelling. 

Get ready to mark your calendars! 

1. Public speaking

Let’s be honest, is anyone truly comfortable with public speaking?

Like it or not, there’s more to a presentation than facts and figures. A great presentation is only as good as its delivery, and if confidence is an issue, you could run into trouble engaging your audience.  

But fear not! CIC has a couple of great biweekly events for people looking to improve their public speaking skills: Oratory Authority and NAAAP Toastmasters. Not only will you practice better communication, you’ll learn how to transform these skills into becoming a better leader.

2. Pitching

You may have a great idea or a great business model, but that’s not enough to succeed. You need to be able to quickly and concisely communicate the what, how, and why to potential investors and partners. Keeping your idea simple, getting straight to the point, and describing why your idea matters are all vital pieces to an effective pitch. 

The monthly Founders Live event is a great place for startups to practice pitching their business. Normally the event takes place at CIC Boston, but in recent months they’ve gone virtual. Founders Live offers live feedback from experts — and $5,000 towards AWS credit for all presenters. Tune in at the next event on Thursday, August 26, to see what it’s all about. 

3. Storytelling

A one-minute pitch is one thing, but crafting your company’s story is another. 

What’s your company really about? What makes you different? Why should investors, partners, or customers care? 

You want to make sure you’re remembered, and creating a comprehensive strategy on what your story is, who to tell it to, and how to do it will help make sure you are.

For those looking for a great resource on how to effectively tell your company’s story, look no further than our nonprofit programming partner Venture Café’s weekly office hours. Chuck Goldstone has held many workshops at CIC focused on communicating the what and why of your company, and you can schedule time to chat with him one-on-one (for free!) on the Venture Café Cambridge website.

Practice makes perfect

With the events above, you can start carving out time to improve your communication skills. Taking opportunities will help you focus on the “what” of your presentations, as well as how to present. And through some practice and consultation, you’ll be a pro at communicating in no time.

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