#CICitizens Ferlin – Market Your Jewelry

Enjoy our latest and already 4th episode of our #CICitizens series, where we place our clients in the spotlight and show the people behind the company names! We walk around the center of CIC Rotterdam and ask them 2-3 intriguing questions about their businesses, life and ambitions.

Meet Ferlin Vermeer Yoswara and her company Market Your Jewelry B.V. Ferlin has several jewelry brands: FY Fine Jewelry, Ring Theory, Smart Wearable, and Crazy Diamonds. She has successfully set up sustainable and innovative jewelry projects, like smart jewelry that can open doors or can be used in public transport check-in/check-out. Ferlin shares how she keeps her balance during busy days, what she would like to change in the jewelry industry and what she enjoys the most about CIC.

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