CIC Statement on Reproductive Rights

Last week, the US Supreme Court announced their decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which fundamentally alters the rights of millions of Americans. This decision revokes the federal right to an abortion, opening reproductive care up to criminalization and threatening the liberty of personal choice across the country. 

CIC’s leadership opposes this decision. We think this is the wrong direction for America.  

CIC supports our employees’ right to choose what they believe is best for themselves and their families. Accordingly, we have decided to adjust our US benefits policy: We will fund the travel for employees to obtain care that is covered under CIC’s health plans today, such as abortion and gender affirming care, should such care be made unavailable in their local area.

While we acknowledge that not all members of our communities share the same sentiments on this topic, we maintain that everyone should have the fundamental right to make choices regarding their own bodies and autonomy. We are also concerned that this will exacerbate existing inequities, directly harming our communities and the diversity for which we strive. 

We call on our nation’s political leaders to take action to restore these important rights that were taken away.

Tim Rowe, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Brian Dacey, President
Rachel Wilson, President, CIC Health
Melissa Ablett-Jordaan, Chief Operating Officer
Camilla Jensen, Chief Financial Officer
Rodrigo Martinez, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer