Tokyo Metropolitan Government moves into CIC Tokyo Innovation Campus

TMG cross-departmental team to collaborate with start-ups

TOKYO, August 26, 2022­― The Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), which operates world-class innovation campuses that offer the community, flexible office spaces, and global network needed to accelerate the growth of start-ups, today welcomed a visit from Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike at CIC Tokyo where The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) announced that it has moved into an office space at the CIC Tokyo campus.

The TMG will occupy a 29.8-square-meter, 13-seat office space, where already five TMG employees have been stationed since August 26. The office will be used to promote public-private partnerships with several cross-functional teams from different departments within the TMG who will interact with innovators from the private sector.

CIC Tokyo has established thematic communities, such as the Environment & Energy Innovation Community, the first community in Japan dedicated to the environmental energy field. This community has already collaborated in the “Tokyo Bay eSG Project” led by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, by hosting pitches for start-ups aiming to use the TMG’s demonstration test field. The TMG will continue to develop start-up-centered communities in multiple fields, including environmental energy, to accelerate the creation of innovations.

A talk session between Governor Yuriko Koike, Vice Governor Manabu Miyasaka, and Tomoko Namba, Vice President of Keidanren and Chair of the Start-up Committee, on how to support start-ups was also held on the campus today. This was followed by an award ceremony for the “Tokyo Metropolitan Government DX Award,” which was presented to employees who have contributed by promoting digital transformation (DX) within the TMG. During the event, Ms. Namba presented the Keidanren’s proposal “Start-up Breakthrough Vision: Toward 10X10X” (Released in March 2022) to Governor Koike, following a lively discussion on the role of public-private partnerships to accelerate the promotion of start-ups.

As a hub for the start-up ecosystem, CIC strives to support the growth of start-ups and expand its diverse innovation community.


About CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center)

CIC operates world-class innovation campuses that offer a start-up growth accelerator community, flexible working office space, and a global network. Since its founding in 1999, the CIC has been home to more than 8,400 start-ups and organizations from around the world, with a total of $14 billion in venture capital and other funding raised by CIC tenants over the past 20 years.

CIC is home to a wide range of start-up companies, venture capitalists, universities and research institutes, local governments, lawyers, accountants, and more, both from Japan and abroad. Based on the belief that we can impact society through innovation, CIC aims to build an ecosystem that accelerates the growth of start-ups. In addition, CIC’s sister organization, Venture Cafe, supports the innovation community through its flagship event, Thursday Gathering, held every Thursday.

Opened in 2020, CIC Tokyo is the first innovation campus in both Japan and Asia and is located on the 15th and 16th floors of the Toranomon Hills Business Tower (totaling approximately 6,000 square meters). Today, the center is home to more than 200 start-up companies aiming to solve social issues in the IT, technology, environment, and innovation communities, as well as companies and organizations that support them. organizations that support them, making it a hub for innovation creation in Japan.

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