CIC’s Net Neutrality Commitment

In light of this past week’s FCC vote to end net neutrality, CIC would like to affirm our own commitment to net neutrality.  We do not and will not block, limit, or filter the use of particular websites or services on the internet connection that we provide to our clients.  

We believe in an open and free internet that provides a level playing field for innovation.  We are strongly opposed to the FCC’s decision to end net neutrality, and we call on congress to reinstate it.

Please be aware that we have multiple upstream internet service providers.  It is not 100% clear how this decision will affect data transit between different providers.  We will do our best to continue to provide free and open internet for your use, and to migrate to upstream providers who do not block or slow down traffic.

Of course we will continue to do our best to block malicious traffic, denial of service attacks and such, and should note as a general matter that use of all CIC infrastructure must be consistent with our service agreement.

– Tim Rowe, Founder and CEO

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