Hello from the other side… Of 50 Milk

In case you haven’t heard, CIC Boston has opened two new floors! As we expand to slowly take more floors on the lower elevator bank at 50 Milk, there are definitely a few road bumps as we grow, but there are also some pretty great things that I’m looking forward to seeing and doing in this half of the building.

  • The views!
    • Yes. They are different and not as expansive, but I’m really enjoying seeing the old, funky rooftops of buildings around us juxtaposed in front of the new, huge, reflective glass walls of the sleeker, taller buildings behind them.
    • It’s no “river view” or “Citgo sign” sort of lifestyle, but sometimes there are people on the roof right in my line of sight doing work or just taking a break, and that is a pretty neat slice of life that I get to see.
  • Getting to add new flair to new space!
    • I love a lot of our decor, art, and soft seating on the upper elevator bank, and I am super-excited to put our own Esplanade touch on the lower floors, too.
  • CIC Boston has split into teams, following the Cambridge model! Shout out to my old Cambridge team, Midtown, but Esplanade is my new team’s name! We will be running floors 1, 5, 11 and 12! PSA: come say “hi” to our team while we are all settling in! We are right outside the kitchen on the 11th floor…mostly because we love food.
    • Do you love wallpaper? BECAUSE WE DO. I didn’t grow up in a home with wallpaper nor have I worked in a place with cool graphic wallpaper, so I’m excited to get to see that on the daily.
  • New friends, new spaces. Old friends, new spaces.
    • It’s pretty cool to pioneer a new floor. If you haven’t been a part of it (dear reader), you may not know that when everyone on the floor is facing the same issues and same interests in exploring all the secret and comfy ins and outs, it’s a lot of fun to meet and bond with both old and new friends.
    • Let me set up a little scene: it is 3:50pm, early February, and four different people come up to you to comment about how beautiful the light is as it streams through the windows and reaches its spindly, bright fingers up the wall on the opposite side of the floor. They may not use those words, exactly, but they seem to enjoy the sunlight as they squint out the windows and say “wow, there is a lot of light down here.”
  • Nooks and crannies
    • No, I’m not doing an ad for that one brand of English muffins whose name I can’t remember right now. I’m just excited to explore the new floors and find some new cozy couches/chairs and curl up and write emails or blog posts, and listen to indie music and think about what life decisions have led me to the point.
  • Potential fun neighbor interactions
    • In the higher elevator bank, buildings with inhabitants are just a little too far away to interact with, and I’m excited about the potential of watching someone go about their day and be actually be close enough to maybe be a part of it! This proximity could also lend itself to that fun thing in movies where people use post-it notes to communicate and draw fun designs on the windows for their neighbors.
    • Or something like this could happen. I’m not saying it’s likely, but it is romantic, and I am a hopeless one. A dream is a dream! Plus, we wouldn’t have to throw the planes that far, so there’s more of a chance of finding your soulmate by watching them work everyday from across a sketchy alley!
  • Did I mention you should come visit us down here already? I’m gonna mention it again, in case you missed it the first time.
From CIC Boston