Client Spotlight: BECO

This week Tom Zampini, the CEO of CIC client company Beco, sheds some light on how they are using already existing infrastructure to collect data in the hopes of creating “smarter” buildings.

What is Beco?

Beco is a new class of location analytics that captures data you wish you had, using the fixtures you already have. In doing so, we are creating new and meaningful ways for people to seamlessly interact with and within physical spaces leading to increased workflow efficiency, contextual mobile experiences, and smarter buildings.

How did you get into the type of work you do? Is there a cool backstory?

Our story started at the intersection of lighting and location services for mobile. Having spent over a decade designing intelligent LED lighting, we are convinced that lighting is the optimal platform for enabling intelligent buildings – after all, it’s already there and ubiquitous throughout the spaces we occupy.

But, the lighting industry moves slowly and rather than attempt to change every bulb with a “smart bulb,” we’ve introduced the battery-free, light-harvesting sensors that are powered by existing light fixtures without having to change the bulb. Now we can instrument large facilities with our sensors in a matter of hours and at a fraction of the cost of legacy sensor networks and other light-based location solutions (while realizing the same benefits!).

When combined with our cloud-services, we are making it possible to bring physical spaces online simply and inexpensively, and are doing it today!

Tell us a little bit about your team.

We are a high-energy team of engineers, developers, and designers with a long history working together – we’re no strangers to start-ups :).

How and why did you come to CIC?

CIC was an obvious choice for us. It’s an exciting place to work, meet enthusiastic, like-minded people, and CIC has spared no expense in creating an exceptional environment.

What do you like about CIC and how do you think being in a space like ours impacts you?

One of the best parts about CIC is its flexibility and trust in its members. There are guidelines, but no hard rules […] that disrupt the course of normal business or the creative process. Additionally, the CIC team is incredibly bright, always available, and always going above and beyond the call of duty.

Lastly, tell us a cool fact!

Our brand “Beco” pronounced “Be Co” is short for “Be Connected.” Little did we know after our launch that Boston streets and sidewalks are in fact full of manhole covers marked “BECo,” short for Boston Edison Company (originally Edison Electric Illuminating Company of Boston, founded back in 1886).

One can’t help but smile when thinking about how far we’ve come in 130 years and how much innovation lies ahead of us as we bring the physical world online.

Learn more about the Beco on their website. If you are a CIC Client interested in being a spotlightee, or are interested in reaching out to Tom and his team directly, feel free to contact

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