COVID-19 – CAMBRIDGE NOTICE – March 19, 2020

Please Note: If you, a member of your team, or a visitor to your company has been presumed positive or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, and has been to a CIC location, please notify us immediately at

Report of Past Potential COVID-19-exposed Individual at 245 Main


I’m writing to let you know that we learned today, 3/19, from one of our clients that an individual who was last at 245 Main nine days ago, has a possible case of COVID-19. The individual has not received a confirmed test, but reported symptoms consistent with COVID-19. The last time this person was on site at 245 Main was Tuesday, March 10.

Please note that as a preventative measure, CIC’s One Broadway and 245 Main St locations have recently undergone a deep cleaning, pursuant to the Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations from the CDC. 101 Main’s deep clean was scheduled for last night but due to a conflict it was delayed and is now scheduled to be done the morning of Saturday, 3/21. 245 Main’s deep cleaning was completed on Monday, March 16. As such, we are not closing the building or asking clients or staff to leave. 

We appreciate the individual notifying us shortly after symptoms started, March 17th, so we could share this information accordingly. The advice from the CDC is that those who have had contact with a COVID-19 confirmed carrier should self-quarantine for 14 days at home. CIC’s team is currently tracking this person’s movements in 245 Main and will reach out directly to any of our staff or clients who we identify as coming into contact with this individual. We know that on Tuesday, March 10, they entered through the second floor turnstile and then went to their office on the 11th floor. Their key record shows no record of entering other floors. If you currently have COVID-19-like symptoms, we recommend that you speak with your physician, and mention this information.

CIC is committed to continuing best practices to keep our communities safe and healthy as this public health issue continues to evolve. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our COVID-19 task force at

Please check: for updates and reminders on our current protocols.

Thank you and stay safe,

Mark Moreau
General Manager – MA

General Boston Cambridge