CIC Rotterdam Impact Report – 2023

CIC Rotterdam Team


On behalf of our CIC Rotterdam team, I’m pleased to present you with our 2023 Impact Report: a testament of our community’s impact in the innovation ecosystem and their resilience in an ever-evolving world.

Looking back at 2023, many of our community members faced a challenging year. Access to funding and finding the right talent remained some of the top priorities for fast growing businesses on our campus. Despite the challenges our community faced, we’ve seen a continued determination to succeed and thrive.

In the spirit of resilience and a future-proof society, you will read stories of some of our members that show their resolve to keep innovating and building impactful businesses.

It’s incredibly rewarding to work alongside leaders who have a clear vision on how to reshape our future for the better, beyond the Dutch borders.

As we think of ourselves as a European startup hub, we’ve attracted businesses seeking to expand their international reach and impact from Rotterdam, with 18% of our clients having international headquarters outside of The Netherlands.

Within the tech landscape, CIC Rotterdam maintains a robust cluster. Almost a quarter of our total client base specializes in areas such as artificial intelligence, IT, software, and hardware. Moreover, our clients created nearly 400 full-time jobs in 2023, a testament to the resilience and tenacity of our community members.

At least 20% of the businesses in our community are women-led, surpassing our goal with the Dutch Social and Economic Council (SER) for the second year in a row. We’re continuing to foster an inclusive and diverse ecosystem that reflects the society we reside in. And we’ve only just begun!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients, community, and partners for being integral parts of this transformative journey. With enthusiasm, we anticipate continuing to make a positive and lasting impact on society.


Joyce Kornet-Vreugdenhil
General Manager, CIC Rotterdam

CIC Rotterdam is home to more than 300 companies.

The diversity of companies here not only enriches the collaborative nature of our community, but also fosters innovation and creativity. It encourages cross-pollination of ideas, facilitates networking opportunities, and promotes interdisciplinary collaborations.

At the forefront of our community are the entrepreneurs and innovators. Sole proprietors and small businesses make up 56.6% of our community. We’re also proud to host a number of mid-sized and corporate businesses, along with venture capitalists.

Global Reach & International Footprint

18% of companies at CIC Rotterdam have their headquarters located outside of the Netherlands.

Job Growth, Business Performance & Fundraising

In 2023, companies at CIC Rotterdam created an impressive 397 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs, demonstrating the significant contribution our community is making to the local Rotterdam innovation ecosystem.

Raising capital is vital for small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs as it fuels growth, drives innovation, mitigates risks, and fosters resilience. We’re proud to share that in 2023, companies at CIC raised €12.6 million. 

Diversity in the Space

20% Female Entrepreneurs

Diversity in all its forms has been a key focus of CIC Rotterdam since we were founded more than seven years ago. In order to promote gender equity within our space, we signed a contract with the Social and Economic Council in 2021, to commit to house more than 20% of female entrepreneurs in our community by 2025. We were delighted when we hit this target in the summer of 2022, and have continued this commitment into 2023, housing 62 female-owned companies in our space.

Fun Facts

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Impactful Companies & Leaders at CIC


Empowering African languages through technology. An interview with Bengyella Gwanmesia, Executive.

Deep Breath

Revolutionizing ICU Care with AI. An interview with Daria Kozlova, Co-Founder.


Digitizing workflows, empowering industry. We interview Thom Bokelaar, CEO.

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