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CIC Philadelphia operates one of the largest shared lab spaces in the United States. No matter how your team likes to work, we are here for you.

A woman opening a fridge inside of a CIC lab

Shared Lab

Only get the benches you need—equipped with cutting-edge lab equipment.

For teams of 1 to 4

Starting at

Private lab space at CIC
Turnkey Lab Facilities & Shared Function Rooms

Private Lab

Make sure your team has a dedicated lab space and benches to call their own.

For teams of 1 to 36+

Starting at

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Find a seat in a comfortable, open work environment surrounded by self-starters like yourself.

Starting at

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Private Offices & Suites

A move-in-ready, fully-furnished, customizable space that you and your team can call your own.

For teams of 1 to 48+

Starting at


Labs and offices outfitted so
you can get to work

Lab Amenities

Move-In Ready

Get right to work.

 Benches and Stools

As many or few as you need.

Lab Equipment and Tech

Beyond the basics.

Hazardous Waste Pickup

Complimentary, and twice a year.

Eyewash Stations & Emergency Showers

Lab safety essentials.

Chemical Fume Hoods & Biosafety Cabinets

Trap and exhaust vapors and gas.

Office Amenities

Bell icon

Dedicated Onsite Staff

Our concierge and Community Team supports you and your guests

Meet With Ease

Unmetered use of bookable, tech-enabled conference rooms and phone booths

Fully-Stocked Kitchens

Coffee, tea, and snacks for when the cravings hit

Building Access 24/7

Because not all schedules are 9-to-5

Secure, High-Speed Internet

Instantly connect in all CIC locations

Mailing Address

Business mailing address, with mail and package delivery

Commuter’s paradise

Easy access to public transportation

Print, Copy, and Fax

Unlimited access; no restrictions

Wellness Area

Dedicated space to relax and rejuvenate

Podcast Studio

Record your next episode like a pro

Game Room

Take a break and decompress

Global Passport

Access to any CIC innovation campus


Convenient options for your vehicle

our sponsors

Equipment & Support

We fully outfit our lab spaces with all the equipment needed so that you can conduct impactful research. Instruments, technology, and software from our sponsors are implemented across CIC Philadelphia. Our sponsors also provide unique support to the CIC community so our clients can get the most from their equipment.

Labs designed for your business

To do great things you need the best tools. That is why our turnkey, wet lab spaces include access to state-of-the-art core lab equipment and services.

Below is a list of the equipment and services that come with your membership to CIC. In addition to this, each bench is outfitted with personal protective equipment and access to small benchtop instruments such as pipettors, pipette aids, and vortexes. We also provide training on all provided instruments.

Lab equipment
Shared lab equipment


• Flow Cytometers, Cell Separator & Cell Sorter
• Plate Readers (Fluorescence, Luminescence, UV-Vis)
• Spectrophotometers and Fluorometers
• Electrophoresis Systems
• Gel Imaging & Transfer Systems
• Thermocyclers
• Real-time and Digital PCR Systems
• Microcentrifuges
• Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuges
• Balances
• pH Meters
• Bacterial Shakers/Incubators
• Plate Washer/Dispenser
• Sonicators
• Automated Liquid Handler
• Nucleic Acid Purification Systems
• High-speed Floor Centrifuges
• Ultracentrifuge

Woman opening a fridge in a CIC lab


CIC provides access to multiple shared functional rooms, including: a Centrifuge Suite, a Microbiology Suite, Tissue/Cell Culture Suites, a Chromatography Room, a Plate Reader Room, a Chemical Accumulation Room, Water Rooms, Biohazardous Waste Rooms, and in partnership with our founding sponsor, a Thermo Fisher Equipment Room.

Equipment in these suites includes:

• Biosafety Cabinets (BSL-2)
• CO2 Incubators
• Shaking Incubators
• Automated Fluorescent Cell Counters
• Automated and Manual Digital Fluorescent Microscopes
• Live Cell Imaging
• Inverted Microscopes
• Water Baths and Bead Baths
• Pure & Ultrapure Water Dispensers

A woman working in a CIC lab


• Autoclaves
• Ultrapure Water Dispensers
• Ice Machines and Dry Ice
• Cold Storage
• -80°C Freezers
• -20°C Freezers
• 4°C Refrigerators
• Cryo Storage
• Cold Rooms
• Chemical Fume Hoods
• Acid/Base and Flammable Material Storage
• Chemical and Biohazardous Waste Removal

Our Lab Operations Team is staffed 9am-5pm Monday through Friday, with staff onsite for holiday monitoring. The team provides:

• Temperature Monitoring
• Cold Package Storage
• Equipment Maintenance
• Monthly Safety Checks
• Initial Lab Safety Training
• Access to Vendors and Sponsors for Equipment Training
• Community “Cup of Sugar” Program
• Lab Coat Services


Pave the path to growth at CIC Labs + Innovation Campus in Philadelphia

Learn about the thriving life sciences and biotech community in Philadelphia. Managing Director Michelle Ottey, PhD, and Director of Lab Operations Kelly Sullivan, PhD, will walk you through: 

  • The dynamic life science landscape in Philly 
  • CIC’s turnkey lab space solution
  • How CIC fosters a culture of innovation and growth

CIC provides state-of-the-art equipment that is well-maintained. The lab team is experienced and knowledgeable. Since the time that I started at CIC, they have helped us get access to whatever we needed to do our work.

Shamim Naghdi | ExpressCells | CIC Philadelphia Member

Visit our space.


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