CIC Rotterdam opened its doors in September 2016 as CIC's first international location. Acting as a gateway to Europe, CIC Rotterdam expands the existing community of entrepreneurs, investors and established businesses. Located on the 4th floor of the iconic Groot Handelsgebouw in the heart of Rotterdam and next to Rotterdam Central Station.

In line with the high standards that CIC maintains, the Rotterdam location provides premium flexible offices, co-working, event space and amenities. Whether you’re a one person team or a fast-growing 20+ person company, the CIC Rotterdam innovation community will provide you with the best environment from which you can focus on improving the world.

Read more about how we build communities in our Impact Report of 2018.

SPaces and pricing

CIC Rotterdam offers flexible coworking desks, dedicated desks in shared offices and private offices from 1 to 20+ person capacity. Each of these workspaces are based on 30 day lease terms, even our private offices! CIC Rotterdam is based in a convenient location, next to the tram, metro, and bus hub of Rotterdam Central, 20 minutes from Schiphol and only hours away from Europe’s major business hubs. Besides that, all our workspaces have access to all amenities like unlimited access, fully stocked kitchens, community events and blazing fast internet (including a gym membership!).

To learn more about the benefits of starting your journey at CIC Rotterdam and our workspaces and pricing, please visit.


CIC Rotterdam is extremely proud to share and celebrate the community, entrepreneurship and innovation we see continuing to grow within Rotterdam. Our biggest takeaway is the collective question we are asking is shifting from ‘‘How do we build an innovation ecosystem in Rotterdam?’’ to ‘‘How do we continue to grow what we have built?’’ Fortunately we get to see this growth physically - CIC Rotterdam just opened its next 2000m2 in March 2019 on the third floor of the Groothandelsgebouw.

We cannot wait to welcome more entrepreneurs and business in to the community!

In the second full year of the Cambridge Innovation Center’s first international location, we expanded from 4.000m2 to over 8.000m2 on the fourth floor of the iconic Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam Central District. We grew from 150 startups, innovative companies, and investors at the beginning of 2018 to now over 220. To date, CIC has been home to more than 380 businesses.

CIC Rotterdam startups contributed to greater job creation this year. In 2018, our client companies reported 535 new jobs versus 104 new jobs in 2017.

“This is what excites us most and what we came here to do. It’s as much about the world-changing ideas that these entrepreneurs are working on as it is about creating new jobs that create a healthy economy. It’s fulfilling to see your mission and your growth reflected in data.” says Melissa Ablett, General Manager of CIC Rotterdam.

Find more information on our impact and community in our Impact Report of 2018.

Illustrations by Elzeline Kooy

Illustrations by Elzeline Kooy

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Building Innovation

In March 2019, CIC Rotterdam opened another 2.000m2 of space for startups, investors, and innovative businesses, on the third floor of the Groot Handelsgebouw. In the first part of a three-part video series, we chat about how and why we design the spaces we do.

Let’s meet!

Can’t wait to see our offices? Please leave your details below to schedule a free tour of CIC Rotterdam in the Groot Handelsgebouw located in the heart of Rotterdam. Our offices are based in a convenient location, next to Rotterdam Central Station.


Restart Network is a non-profit that empowers people to achieve their potential through tech education. Their 3 months long coding bootcamps take place at CIC Rotterdam and teach student refugees the fundamentals of web development.  Restart Network rallies together industry leaders to create an outstanding learning experience.

The Venture Café Foundation The Netherlands is CIC's non-profit sister organisation. Its mission is to strengthen the innovation ecosystem, connecting innovators to make things happen. Every Thursday, innovators gather at Venture Café Rotterdam's Thursday Gatherings to make impactful connections. This past year Venture Café has facilitated a growing community of returning innovators and ambassadors. Over 300 connection events were organized with close to 12k visitors. 

The Hogeschool Rotterdam (Rotterdam University of applied sciences) is home to approximately 36.000 students. The Hogeschool Rotterdam provides a wide array of different courses and studies and is closely intertwined with the metropolitan developments in the Rotterdam area. Since 2016 the Incubator Academy has been created for students to start and/or grow there own business and get a degree in the same time. Regularly these student-entrepreneurs can be found in the co-working-space at CIC. 

The three pillars of HortiHeroes (Arena, Academy, Startup) connect the food & flower industry with startups, talent, corporates, students and young professionals from different sectors. HortiHeroes lays a foundation for innovation through facilitating connections, stimulating new business models and startups, offering space to talented intrapreneurs, and cooperations aiming to solve challenges.


CIC Rotterdam is located on the 4th floor of the Groot Handelsgebouw, next to Central Station.

Our address is:

CIC Rotterdam
Stationsplein 45, 4th floor
3013 AK Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Call us on: +31 (0) 10 808 00 13

By Metro, tram, bus
Or take the metro, tram or bus to Central Station.

There is parking in the garage under the building.


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