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Founded in 1999 and headquartered Cambridge, Mass, CIC builds and operates innovation campuses. CIC and its family of affiliated organizations provide innovators with high-end science and technology shared infrastructure including offices, biotech laboratories and robotics development centers. Together with Venture Cafe, the CIC’s fast-growing global network of non-profit innovation ecosystem-building organizations, has hosted over a quarter of a million people in its programs across six cities on three continents. CIC’s mission is to create innovation communities that support impactful entrepreneurs to “fix the world”. CIC has supported nearly 5,000 startup companies since inception, with publicly announced transactions worth a combined $10 billion in venture capital investment and M&A exit value. A number of top-flight technology companies, including Apple, Google (Android), Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Shell, Hubspot, and Boeing have located key initiatives within CIC’s campuses. CIC also houses innovation globalization programs for more than a dozen governments including the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Canada and China. Over the next 10 years CIC plans to grow its network of innovation hubs to 50 leading cities around the world. More info.


We recognize that invention propels innovation, density spurs collaboration, and a shared purpose drives a thriving community. As we glide into an age of exponential growth and transformation, CIC provides innovators with a home from which to work, allowing them to easily access resources and create substantive, positive global impact. CIC Warsaw will be a home for: startups and scale-ups, incubators and accelerators, specialized industry hubs, investors, international soft landing programs, corporate R&D departments, university connectors and more. CIC works with powerful, local partners to develop the critical networks that entrepreneurs need to grow effectively. Over the past 2 years we have been working on perfecting the formula for Warsaw’s Innovation Center. The joint efforts of the Polish and US-based CIC team were aimed at understanding how to create and support a powerful local innovation system. In the course of our research, we have: mapped over 700 points of innovation in the City of Warsaw; run an in-depth analysis of the innovation system in Poland; analyzed the existing innovation strategy documents for Europe, Poland, Mazovia region and Warsaw; organized meetings with local public sector leaders, attended by global CIC’s top management during their 20+ trips to Warsaw. Our research, combined with CIC’s experience in building innovation campuses, will propel the growth of the biggest innovation center in the region.


When it comes to big ideas, the sky’s the limit. CIC Warsaw will be located in its partner HB Reavis’ new complex, called “Varso Place,” more than 1.4 million square feet and feature the tallest tower in the European Union. CIC offers unmatched efficiencies of scale in our work spaces and services, so companies can focus on their core competencies. Besides our core product we have been developing a few spaces dedicated to specialized communities:

  • District Hall (DH) - is the world’s first public innovation platform. Warsaw's place will be a central hub where people can exchange knowledge, build meaningful relationships, and foster the idea anyone and everyone can be an innovator. Its mission is to broaden, connect and support Warsaw’s innovation community. Together with our ecosystem partners, we are co-creating this amazing community space and public events forum.

  • Trend House (TH) - an ecosystem clubhouse designed for innovation community leaders. The mission behind TH is to connect industry leaders, academic powerhouses, and high-potential corporate and startup employees to catalyze collaboration and innovation.

  • Specialized Industry Hubs - hubs aligned with the megatrends of the global economy the hubs will gather highly specialized innovators and enable peer-to-peer collaboration. It is meant to result in creation of an impactful community to drive growth and connect Poland to the global innovation network. We have selected areas for 10 specialized industry hubs: Biotech, Medtech, Robotech, Smart City, Foodtech, Mobility, Fintech, New Materials, Quality of Life, New Space.

  • Global Soft Landing Programs - innovation globalization programs building bridges between cities, regions or countries.

  • Investors Hub - a comprehensive platform opening up access to venture capital.

CIC clients and partners can take advantage of network of innovators, entrepreneurs, corporates, and venture capital firms that span the globe. In total, across all sites, CIC is home to approximately 1,800+ clients companies and has $7.8 billion in venture capital under management within its walls.


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We believe that innovation does not happen in isolation; Innovation is fostered through an environment where there is a dense concentration of private and public partners and accessible innovation infrastructure, similar to Kendall Square and Silicon Valley. CIC weaves together major universities, large corporations, local government, venture capital firms, community organizations, and global connectors to build a functioning innovation district. Linking powerful local partners with a community of entrepreneurs focused on positive impact, state of the art shared wet lab space, intelligently designed shared office space, public innovation halls, and weekly informal programming is the key to a thriving innovation economy. Global think tank Brookings describes CIC’s pivotal role in the transformation of Cambridge’s Kendall Square into one of the world’s leading and most iconic innovation districts in their report entitled “The Rise of Innovation Districts: A New Geography of Innovation in America.” 3 of their 4 examples are CIC cities.

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We have selected VARSO (by HB Reavis) for the new home for the innovation ecosystem in Warsaw. It will be a new landmark on the map of Warsaw and European Union:

  • the tallest office building in the EU to pinpoint the new center of gravity for innovation

  • the largest floor plates in Warsaw to put as many innovators as possible in close proximity

  • a building integrated with the Central Train Station to get connected to the biggest cities in Poland and Europe

Varso Place creates a new image of Warsaw as the most prestigious spot on its business map. Open for business and services, it will become a new meeting place for social activity and tourism.


Poland currently boasts the longest continuous economic growth of any European country. In BCG’s 2015 Sustainable Economic Development Assessment, Poland outshone 147 other nations, leading in overall ranking for converting wealth and growth into national well-being.

In 2016, HackerRank, a major host of free coding challenges, placed Poland third on a list of best nations for coding skills, particularly in Java. This is why CIC decided to build a global software team in Warsaw.

If you are interested in learning more, about WHY WARSAW IS ONE OF THE NEXT BIG INNOVATION CITIES please read more on our blog.

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