Welcome to New England’s home for offshore wind


The Largest Cluster of Offshore Wind Companies in the United States

The U.S. offshore wind (OSW) industry started and is thriving in Rhode Island. CIC’s Innovation Campus in Providence has become the landing pad for industry leaders and startups alike, and is home to more than 30 OSW companies working hard to increase renewable energy capacity and move the industry forward.

CIC Providence exterior building at 225 Dyer Street

30 +

OSW Clients


Countries Represented


Blue Economy Clients

In a facility like this, a hub of industry knowledge, there is a huge lowering of barriers to collaboration because there’s literally a company down the corridor [full of people] that I can go and talk to.

Drew Carey | vice president, Americas | Venterra
The Kitchen at CIC Providence at 225 Dyer Street


Land & Expand with Ease at CIC

CIC Providence offers shared and private office space solutions that are perfect for project teams, companies looking to set up shop and scale, or large organizations looking to open a satellite office.

Being close to OSW peers helps enhance collaboration and innovation, essential for moving the industry forward. From mail services to curated events, CIC can help you enter the New England OSW market with ease.


Looking to engage with the OSW community?

Whether you’re a government agency or a private enterprise, if you’re looking to engage with the OSW community in New England, you’ve come to the right place.

Contact us at providence@cic.com to learn more about our clients and initiatives.

Meet the community

We’re proud to host an array of organizations that encapsulate the OSW supply chain, from tier 1 developers and specialty service providers to talent and industry networks.


CIC Providence
225 Dyer St., Providence, RI 02903
+1 (401) 443-1455

In the heart of New England’s OSW ecosystem with quick, easy access to key ports and cities:

  • 5 minute drive to ProvPort
  • 25 minute drive to Quonset Port
  • 30 minute drive to New Bedford, MA
  • 45 minute train ride to Boston, MA
  • 3 hour train ride to New York, NY


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