ABOUT THe program

CIC knows the value of partnering with our local brokers; helping to identify the ideal workspace for their clients in an innovative work environment. 

Our team will work directly with you and your team on space options, pricing analysis, and modular, flexible options to best fit your client. We manage the conversation together, pay out a competitive broker package and provide a seamless experience for your clients from the first tour through their time at CIC.


Broker package

CIC is happy to provide brokers with two commission options from a successful partnership. It's a decision between getting paid sooner, or investing in a company's growth at CIC. Please note that the broker program may not apply to CIC’s lab facilities in certain locations.


Option 1:

Earn the equivalent of first month fees for space and services after the client has been with us for 90 days.

Option 2: 

Earn 10% of each month's space and service fees for a year, paid in lump sum at the end of year. 

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We operate premium shared and dedicated workspaces; working closely with you to guarantee high levels of service and premier space for your clients. Our all-inclusive service model ensures clients can focus on their business while we manage the rest:

  • Stocked kitchens

  • Beautiful conference rooms

  • Enterprise-grade internet services

  • Printing + copying

  • High-end furniture

  • Operational + technical support

  • Concierge services (guest access)

  • Mailing address

  • Perks + wellness offerings

  • Global access (CIC passport)

  • Use of event space

  • International network + relationship management

  • Digital directory + client community

  • 24/7 access

  • 30 day terms


Brokerage Firms finding space solutions for Clients at CIC

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