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Maptime Boston: Using GPUs for Lightning Fast Analytics on MapD

  • CIC Cambridge (101 Main Campus) - Cloud City, 14th floor 101 Main Street Cambridge, MA, 02142 United States (map)

For our October Maptime event, we'll learn about MapD - a powerful platform for visualizing large datasets. 

GPU-powered in-memory databases and analytics platforms are the logical successors to CPU in-memory systems, largely due to recent increases in the onboard memory available on GPUs. With sufficient memory, GPUs possess numerous advantages over CPUs, including much greater compute and memory bandwidth, as well as a native graphics pipeline for visualization.

In this tutorial, Aaron Williams, VP of Community at MapD, will demo how MapD is able to leverage multiple GPUs per server to extract orders-of-magnitude performance increases over CPU-based systems, bringing interactive querying and visualization to multi-billion (with a ‘b’) row datasets.

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Later Event: October 26
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