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Innovation in Caregiving Conference

  • Lighthouse, 20th floor, CIC Boston 50 Milk Street Boston, MA, 02110 United States (map)

Note: Ticketing proceeds are handled by non-profit sponsor The Caregiver Action Network. Ticket purchases are tax-deductible.


Given the growth of the 66M caregivers in America, and the strong desire of families to age at home, caregivers are overwhelmingly burned out and under supported. 71% of caregivers are interested in using technology to support aging but only 7% of caregivers use technology. This presents a core problem in working with caregivers. Health care is difficult. We work in an industry where the payer (insurer), customer (clinician), distributor (pharmacy), and end user (patient or caregiver) are separate. Unsurprisingly, health care can feel siloed.

Changing health care is also difficult. Solutions may never find willing customers. Clinicians may have no incentive to try a new system on top of their already full workloads. Yet, with these challenges, there are moments when silos are broken down and scalable solutions are discovered: solutions that are beneficial for payers, beneficial for the health system, and most importantly beneficial for the patient.

Our Vision

Our vision for the inaugural Innovation in Caregiving Conference is to bring together an interdisciplinary group of health care professionals, such that silos are broken down, in order to uncover solutions centered around family and professional caregivers that have strong incentives for multiple health care stakeholders.

Target Audience

The target audience of the conference are payer, managed care, and health system executives looking for innovative solutions that work with caregivers to lower health care costs and the opportunity to learn about best practices in supporting caregivers. The target audience is also entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors interested in building or growing solutions in the caregiver space. Lastly, the target audience covers practitioners implementing solutions to support caregivers.