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WisdomNet Group

  • CIC Cambridge One Broadway St. 14th Floor Somerville Conference Room Cambridge, MA 02142 US (map)

You have a natural state of well-being that inspires innovation and high
performance within you. This state has been described as “flow” and being
“in the zone”.

This group will be an opportunity for us to learn principles and practices
that deepen our connection to this vibrant and empowering natural state.
Human beings tend to have habitual ways of thinking that at times obscure
this flow. These create various forms of distorted, stressful perceptions.
There are many ways of becoming conscious of and releasing
flow-blocking thought. One simple and powerful way is to share
authentically with another person listening deeply and respectfully.
In this group, we will practice deep-listening with each other for recognition
how we are creating constriction and support of release into well-being,
ease, and creativity.
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David Shakun founded WisdomNet as an expression of his desire to help
bring peace and healing to the world, born from his personal healing path.
He studied mathematics (Princeton & NYU), psychology & neuroscience
(NYU), and dance & dance therapy (Naropa).
David learned the life-changing philosophy of the Three Principles (3P), in
the mid-1990's and has led 3P-based groups ever since.
He worked many years as a computer network manager and web
consultant, while also regularly leading support, movement, and nature
groups. In recent years, David has integrated his work by focusing on
developing WisdomNet and his practice as a wisdom-based life coach.
Some of his favorite fun activities are running through the woods off-trail,
improvisational dance, and tossing a medicine ball.