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Values 101: How to Turn your Company’s Purpose into Competitive Advantage

  • CIC Cambridge 1 Broadway, 14th floor, Charles Cambridge, MA, 02142 United States (map)

Values 101: How to Turn your Company’s Purpose into Competitive Advantage
Why understanding your values will save time and money, make it easier to recruit and retain top talent, improve customer satisfaction, and make your life as a leader a whole lot easier.

As your business grows, there are more and more decisions to make -- who to hire, how to engage with your customers, how to lead your team, and how to truly differentiate yourself in the market.

Defining and communicating your Mission, Vision and Values statements early can shoulder a lot of this burden for you --understanding who you are and what you stand for will help clarify your brand and support HR, sales, marketing, operations, and every other function in your business.

Join us for this interactive session to learn:

  • Why being a values-driven company is actually one of the fastest, easiest paths for growth.

  • Why it’s critical to start thinking about your values beforeyou start to grow.

  • How taking your values seriously improves customer satisfaction.

  • How to kickstart your own process of articulating your company’s Mission, Vision and Values statements.

  • How you can begin to live and breathe your values so they’re not just posters on the wall.

You should attend this session if:

  • You are a Founder/CEO/Leader of a small and growing business, even if you have few or no employees.

  • You are assuming HR/People related duties in your company.

  • Your company is getting ready to hire, and you want to ‘get ahead of the curve.’

  • You’re an established company looking to improve your culture or employee experience.

About the Presenter

Victoria Dew, SCMP -- Dewpoint Communications
Victoria is the Founder and CEO of Dewpoint Communications, a firm dedicated to helping business grow faster, stronger, and more sustainably through great company culture and communication. Victoria has 12 years of experience creating and transforming cultures in more than a dozen industries and sectors, ranging from creative solopreneurs to some of the world’s largest technology companies. She is passionate about helping her clients create an environment inside their company that shines through on the outside, turning employees into brand evangelists, and customers into zealots. Victoria has been a CIC member since 2017.