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Boston C++ Meetup

  • CIC Boston, Meridian, 5th floor 50 Milk Street Boston, MA, 02110 United States (map)

Let's get together, introduce ourselves, and discuss heterogeneous computing with staff from Codeplay Software!

We will be hosted by CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center), a shared-workspace focusing on the startup community, in the Meridian conference room on the 5th floor at their 50 Milk St. location in the Financial District.

I will order pizza for this meetup. Please consider donating money, using the 'Chip in (' button on the webpage.


Gordon Brown, Senior Software Engineer at Codeplay Software Ltd., will present the SYCL programming model, including heterogeneous device discovery, defining task graphs with data dependencies, and authoring C++ code in this environment. Finally, he will touch on the ecosystem of projects using SYCL, including Eigen and TensorFlow ports.

His similar talk from CppCon 2018 is here:

Codeplay Software Ltd. produces compilers, debuggers, run-times, testing systems, and other specialized tools to aid software development for heterogeneous systems and special purpose processor architectures, including GPUs and DSPs.


- 6:30 Charles Wilcox (Organizer): Group introduction, and plan next event(s) (15 min)
- 6:45 Gordon Brown (Codeplay Software Ltd.): A Modern C++ Programming Model for GPUs using Khronos SYCL
- 8:30 Head out for food and drinks!