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Entrepreneurs without Tech Skills: Options for Non-Coding Founders

  • CIC Boston 50 Milk Street, 20th Floor, Lighthouse West Boston, MA 02109 (map)

"Finding a tech cofounder" is easier said than done. Here’s the secret: many startups—even those building tech products—don't need a software engineer on the team to start, validate, or get traction.

Hear from our panel of founders that haven't let limited tech resources hold them back from building their company. We’ll chat a bit about what “non-coding” tech they used to build their idea and how they got traction and “faked” some of the technology to show proof of concept.

This event is part of the Founders & C-Suite Track at Startup Boston Week 2019 and is perfect for companies in the Idea Stage and Early Stage.

Speakers to be announced soon!

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