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How AI Can Improve Your Startup Idea

  • CIC Boston 50 Milk Street, 1st Floor, Anchor Boston, MA 02109 (map)

Learn how AI can propel your startup forward!

About this Event

AI is transforming the products we build and the way we do business. It is already at work in our smart home devices, our smartphones, and many of our vehicles. Despite some clear successes, AI projects fail 85% of the time, according to Gartner.

Fortunately, the industry is rapidly accumulating experience that we can use to reduce risk in AI projects. In this talk, we present three key factors for successful AI projects.:

  • The first factor is incorporating domain expertise rather than relying on brute-force efforts with generalized data science

  • The second success factor is obtaining the right quantities and types of data at each stage of the development process

  • The third factor is creating AI workflows that enable repeatable and deployable results

We illustrate the importance of these factors using case studies from diverse vision applications including automated driving, crop harvesting, and tunnel excavation.

This event is part of the Founders & C-Suite Track at Startup Boston Week 2019, and is perfect for companies in the Idea Stage, Early Stage and Growth Stage.

Our Speaker:

Bruce Tannebaum, Senior Manager of Product Management, MathWorks

In addition to being the manager of technical marketing for vision, AI, and IoT applications at MathWorks, Bruce has a strong background in image processing and computer vision system design. Before his time at MathWorks, he worked on digital cameras, inkjet MFPs, computer vision systems, and standardized efforts for MPEG-4 and JPEG-2000.

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