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Crack the Code: How to Choose the Right Technology Stack for Your Business

  • CIC - Boston 50 Milk Street, 20th Floor, Lighthouse East Boston, MA 02109 (map)

Choosing the right technology stack can make or break a company. While you might be tempted to go with the newest tech available, chasing that hype can lead to rewriting a stack every 6-12 months.

This presentation, geared toward a new CTO and/or solo engineer in a startup company, will break down the differences between the "server-side" stack and the "client-side" stack, and will distinguish between mobile-first or web-first products and their competing merits.

Choosing a tech stack is a commitment that's not easily reversed—get it right the first time with our help.

Speaker to be announced soon!

This event is part of the Engineering Track at Startup Boston Week 2019. And is perfect for companies in the Idea Stage and Early Stage.

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