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When Perfect is the Enemy: Fighting Perfectionism on Technical Teams

  • CIC - Boston 50 Milk Street, Floor 20, Lighthouse East Boston, MA 02109 (map)

Does your team of technical experts struggle to produce in the pursuit of perfectionism? While we all want to achieve the perfect product, sometimes waiting for perfect can actually harm team productivity and company growth.

This panel of senior developers, product managers, and engineering leaders discuss the common issue of engineers wanting to do things "the right way" vs "the right now way." We’ll debate:

  • The tradeoffs to each approach

  • How to communicate bigger-picture needs

  • And how to ensure your team knows the value of “temporary” work

If you’re a CTO or Head of Engineering leading a team (or even figuring out how to manage your own time), this is a must-attend!

Speakers to be announced soon!

This event is part of the Engineering Track at Startup Boston Week 2019. And is perfect for companies in the Early Stage and Growth Stage.

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