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Food Fails By Founders: Mistakes that Kill Products in the Food and Beverage Industry

  • CIC Boston 50 Milk Street, 20th Floor, Lighthouse East Boston, MA 02109 (map)

Driven by low entry costs and “purpose driven entrepreneurs” seeking to be the change they want to see, food and beverage development is booming. However, small budgets and intense competition mean a company’s small misstep can derail even the tastiest idea.

During this panel, successful founders who have been there and managed to beat the odds share the mistakes they made while developing their products - and what they would have done differently.

This session will help budding food and beverage entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls of product development, giving them tips to find the shortest path to and greatest chance for success.

This event is part of the Founders & C-Suite Track and the Product & Design Track at Startup Boston Week 2019 and is perfect for companies in the Idea Stage and Early Stage.

Our Speakers:

Ted Tieken, Founder & CEO, Keto and Co

Ted founded Keto and Co in 2014, and has been following a ketogenic diet since to manage chronic pain. The Keto and Co products are designed to be nutritious, convenience, taste good, and to be affordable.

Lauren Abda, Founder, Branchfood

Branchfood is the largest community of food innovators and entrepreneurs in New England. Through Branchfood, Lauren meets hundreds of food startups and helps them find the best resources to launch their products. Additionally, Lauren is the co-founder of Branch Venture Group, the largest US-based angel network investing exclusively in food-related startups, and is the Founder of FOOD EDGE, which brings together industry leaders and startups.

Evy Chen, Founder, Evy Tea

Evy moved from China to Boston in 2010 to attend Emerson College. During her time there, she won her school's startup competition with her idea for Evy Tea. She launched her first cold-brew tea brand in America, a new category for in the RTD industry when she was 26 years old. She has been nationally recognized for both her entrepreneurship and her tea craftsmanship.

More speakers to be announced soon!

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