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Creating a Great Prototype Without Breaking the Bank: Part 2

  • CIC - Boston 50 Milk Street, Floor 20, Lighthouse East Boston, MA 02109 (map)

In this workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to take what they learned from the “Creating a Great Prototype: Part 1” session and put it into action!

During this workshop, we’ll walk you through a few example scenarios of a product you will need to prototype, leaving it to you and the group to come up with a solution and pinpoint which parts of the product are the most important to get across in this prototype - and the most cost-efficient way to help it come to life.

Come with a product idea of your own to share - or come and help work on others! Either way, you’ll be learning some valuable lessons of what goes into making an incredibly mind-blowing prototype!

Speakers to be announced soon!

This event is part of the Product & Design Track at Startup Boston Week 2019 and is perfect for companies in the Growth Stage.

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